Operation Turtles

Beach Cleaning Operation, by Japan-Kuwait Friendship Society

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On Saturday, October, 29th 2011, Japan-Kuwait friendship Society (made) a project to clean Shwaikh beach, which stemmed from a good bilateral relationship between the two countries. (It) began at 10:30 to 12:00 Pm. Many volunteers came in the morning to Shwaikh shore (beach) and participated in the project.

There were children with high and positive energy in this project, named Operation Turtles. Children should always be involved in this kind of activities because they are good learners and would become so productive and useful to the country in the future. This Kuwaiti-Japanese collaborative project aims to spreading environmental awareness; therefore, it helps in enhancing people's good behavior. This means, Kuwait shores and beaches would always be clean in the future.


Volunteers embodied the best kind of cooperation and collaboration while they were cleaning the beach, together.

I participated in this project, and I took my cousin, Nasser who is seven years old with me aiming at educating him about the significance of cleanning the surronding environment and the terrible impact of wastes that can destroy our health and environment. As long as I educate him, I am actually spreading environmental awareness among the next generation. CIMG0470.JPG

The campaign organizers provided necessary things needed to do the cleaning job, such as trash bags and gloves.They were nice enough that they provided bottled water for all volunteers.


As you can see in the photo above, Kuwaiti media people were present. AlRai Arabic Daily was there, which I believe was great. Media can play an essential role in (spreading) awareness by explaining the benefits of having a healthy, clean environment. It definitely can enlighten and educate people about the need to keep our natural environment.


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I admire and appreciate all participants who concern about this campaign and pursue to accomplish it. I am sure that the knowlege about bad effects of pollution is the motive of all Kuwaiti volunteers.Although the garbage which was collected is not a lot, the coast land has been cleaner more than before.

To conclude, you can maintain environment only if will you have a conciousness.