English 162 - Spring 2012

Writing Paper 1: Descriptive Essay

During the first half of the course, you will write a short paper about a famous, successful person who you believe is a hero or a heroine. The person can be a scientist, a celebrity, a writer, a politician, etc..
Your paper should consists of four paragraphs following the Academic Standard Essay format and organization.

Please Note:
  • Your class teacher will approve your topic, and then, return your proposal form back to you.
  • Download Writing Paper 1 Proposal Form HERE
  • Then, you can start writing your first draft, and then, submit it to your class teacher to correct and provide feedback.
  • After that, your class teacher will correct your first draft and provide needed feedback, and then, return it back to you.
  • Then, you will write your final draft considering the feedback and corrected parts done by your class teacher.
  • Finally, submit your final draft to your class teacher for grading.

Please note: